On-Site and Remote IT / Managed Services / Repair Depot / Service Desk / Telecom


Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST with other times available by appointment.

Hourly Rates

All services are billed on a time and materials basis.



$160 /hour


$320 /hour


$130 /hour

*Extended Hours are defined as Monday – Friday from 5:00PM – 8:00AM, weekends, and holidays. KH IT Services LLC observes the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day. On-Site: 1 hour minimum and then ½ hour increments.  Remote:  ½ increments. Non-prof must be 501 C3

Hardware / Software Sales

KH IT SERVICES LLC sells hardware and software directly and indirectly. Our technical experts are available to consult with you on the proper hardware and software needed to properly support your business. We will assist you in making such purchases whether that be placing an order online or making a purchasing trip to a local retail store or one of our local distributors. These services are offered on a time and materials basis.

Hardware Repair (Repair Depot)

KH IT SERVICES LLC does not perform on-site hardware repair often. However, we do provide hourly rate repair services at our shops in North or South Austin and can also perform vendor support for you when your hardware is still under manufacturer’s warranty.

Network Assessment: $2000.00

(Every organization must have this)

We will run a network assessment using state of the art software.  This will be a requirement for all new and existing customers.

The KH IT SERVICES LLC agent will then perform an in-depth evaluation of your current network infrastructure, identifying your present strengths and recommending means to make your network stronger. KH IT SERVICES LLC will provide a complete inventory of your hardware and software, and work with you to construct a technical roadmap that will allow your business to grow, within your budget, far into the future.


With software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything your employees need to do their jobs. Network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls form that vital connection between your business and the cloud—and if a problem causes the network to go down, your business grinds to a halt. That interruption means lost productivity, and of course, lost revenue.

With our managed network services, your network will just work, kind of like electricity—silently and reliably functioning in the background, powering your business to do what it does best.

Rely on us to:

  • Spot potential issues before they affect your network
  • Ensure your network is designed to support your current and evolving business needs
  • Reduce the business risk associated with your network
  • And much more.

Let us worry about keeping you connected—because managing the network is what we do best.

Managed Services Pricing

    • $250 for 501c3 non-profits


    • $75 for 501c3 non-profits


    • $95 for 501c3 nonprofit


    • $20 for 501c3 non-profits


$10      iPad/Tablet

$100    Firewall

$50      Switch – Managed

$25      Switch – Unmanaged

$50      Wireless Controller

$10      Printer

$05      Wireless AP

*Setup fee is equal to one month’s bill

Above services do not replace any time and material billing for requested services or repairs on systems.  All material costs will be provided verbally to the client for approval prior to installation.  All software licensing must remain in compliance with licensing agreements.  We provide licensing where needed to ensure that the organization and KH IT Services remain in compliance with all licensing agreements.  If payment is received after the due date, there will be an administrative fee of $35 and 18% APR interest charge starting on the first day after the late date until payment is made in full.  Consulting and development are considered standard billable time.  While we use the industry standard and best practices in handling data, we are not financially responsible for data loss.

Add-on Services — Available by monthly payment

Anti-Virus $6, M365 (Formerly Office 365) $20, Additional Security, Backup (Cloud $5 and On-Premise Recommended), Disaster Recovery, Website Domains, Hosting, and SSL

Business Telecom — Ask about a free bill review

VOIP, Business Voice and Data, Contact Center and Data Center


Please send us all your current bills for technology including what you pay for phone systems, voice and data circuits, and document handling. We will audit your existing bills and contracts and look for inefficiencies. If you switch suppliers we will review your 1st bill with you, to make sure you are being billed correctly.

IT Policy Documentation and HIPAA compliance

Every organization should have this IT Policy Documentation. If you have HIPAA, you must have both sets of IT Policy Documentation and HIPAA Compliance Scans.

Phase 1 IT Policy Document (Bare minimum by most standards): $2500
Phase 2 IT Policy Document (If you are really doing it right): $1500
HIPAA Compliance Initial Scan: $500
HIPAA Quarterly Compliance Scans: $250
Quarterly Business Review: $250


Please refer to the following guidelines to determine issue priority. We will use the SharePoint Website to track all IT projects and requests for support.

Low – This is used for a change request. Example: A new employee needs their login and email created. A user cannot print to one printer on-site but can print to another as a work around. (3 business days)

Medium – One user is unable to use hardware or an application. Example: A critical staff member cannot work and there is no work around for the problem. (48 hours)

High – There are multiple users in a team that cannot use hardware or an application. There is a work around. Example: The accounting team cannot print checks. (same day)

Critical – All users in a group are unable to work and there is no work around. Example: The accounting team cannot print to any printer or the internet is down for our entire office. (Immediate Response – 2 hours maximum)


Requests for support are handled 24 hours a day 7 days a week by KH IT Services LLC. You may call or text but you are asked to follow up calls and texts with a detailed email. The hourly rate for support will be contingent on the time and day. Holiday rates will incur a minimum four-hour charge. Please reference the guide for rates and holiday schedule above.

Service Level Agreement – Response Times

KH IT Services LLC will fulfill all requests within a timely manner. In an effort to support your organization in the most effective manner, KH IT Services LLC will maintain the following support standards.

Requests for support on low severity issues will be responded to within three business days. KH IT Services LLC will provide an action plan for resolution within that time frame.

Requests for support on medium severity issues will be responded to within 48 hours. KH IT Services LLC will provide an action plan for resolution within that time frame.

Requests for support on high severity issues will be responded to within 24 hours. KH IT Services LLC will provide an action plan for resolution within that time frame.

Requests for support on critical issues will be responded to within 2 hours. KH IT Services LLC will provide an action plan for resolution within that time frame. Requests for support on these issues will be resolved within 2 business days. Until a permanent resolution can be provided a workaround might be provided to allow continuation of production.